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Quick acting fertiliser

Encouraging strong root growth to produce healthy plants, Superphosphate is a quick acting fertiliser which can deliver higher yields and improved ripening.

Used to help support fruit, root and seed crops, Superphosphate is ideal for transplanting cuttings, flowers, trees and shrubs.


  • Ideal starter feed for seedlings and rooted cuttings
  • Fast acting
  • Contains single superphosphate

To apply the fertiliser it should be spread evenly as per the label instructions and lightly hoed or forked into the surface of the soil. If the soil is dry, water in well.

Once the plants or crops are established, then Superphosphate can be used as a top dressing in early spring. Superphosphate can also be used as a liquid feed by dissolving the fertiliser in water.

As a liquid feed, it can be used at weekly intervals during spring and summer, but avoid wetting the foliage.

Always be careful when using Superphosphate and use eye protection as it can cause serious eye damage. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Sizes available:

• 1.25 Kg