About us

“I would like to personally welcome you to Smith’s Garden Centre, both in store and online. Smith’s has come a long way over the years and I can only thank all of our loyal customers for turning it into the great community it is. I am extremely proud and hope that we can only continue to grow as a business, with you by our side.” - Norman Smith, Owner

Over ninety years ago Smith’s was just a small nursery on a big piece of land, built with the hope to fulfil a passion for growing plants and to create a community. The very heart of this community started in 1931 with Bertram Thomas Smith, Grandfather to Norman Smith, before it was handed down and transformed into the successful garden centre it is now. He laid the foundations for the centre and began planting wallflowers and roses across the fields. With 10 acres of land, it was running with just two small greenhouses and an old coal boiler to keep the plants warm through the cold months. Bertram was determined to do what he loved, show dedication to his produce and customers and bring life to New Denham, exactly what is still upheld today.  

There has been a lot of construction and development over the years, from the fields of wallflowers and roses, to a makeshift checkout with a little bell attached for customers wanting to pay, into the incredible store it has become. Smith’s is still family-run and renowned for being one of the most exceptional independent garden centres in the West London area, proven by our regular customer base. From our carefully chosen range and quality of plants and shrubs, beautiful gift and homeware selection, stylish barbecue and outdoor furnishings and unique ornaments, we are sure we have something for you.  

As a company we aim to push the boundaries of a garden centre, both in our products and customer service. Smith’s has such a diverse team, with friendly and motivated staff willing to go above and beyond to help you on your visit. We also have a number of specialist staff with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. Our family-owned business has grown so much, but we refuse to forget our values and promises to you. We pride ourselves on our loyal customer base, putting your needs at the forefront of what we do. Having such a rich heritage, with love and family embodying our history, we are certainly not going anywhere.