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Water-holding clay pebbles

Produced by firing tiny clay granules at 1200oC, Hydroleca is extremely lightweight with a smooth attractive outer skin and a honeycomb core.

As hard, ceramic pebbles, Hydroleca helps absorb water and then slowly releases it back into the growing media.


  • Ideal as an attractive mulch on any indoor or outdoor potted plant
  • The honeycomb core absorbs and releases water
  • Creates a micro-climate around pots and greenhouse benches.

Hydroleca’s cellular structure also has outstanding insulating properties which help safeguard plants from extreme variances in temperature.

Ideal for use as a decorative mulch, it can also be used for ‘crocking’ – which is the drainage layer in pots.

To protect skin, always wear protective gloves when handling Hydroleca and wash hands after use. Store away from garden chemicals such as weedkillers and pesticides to avoid contamination.

Hydroleca should also be resealed after each use and kept in a frost-free area.

Sizes available:

• 10 litres