Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi

Rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi is a natural, organic product used when planting into soil. It is a granule that is sprinkled into the bottom of the planting hole, (unlike fertilisers the rootgrow granules must touch the plants roots.

How does rootgrow work? 

It contains a blend of UK origin (and UK grown) . Once these fungi come into contact with the plant roots they attach themselves and grow out into the soil looking for nutrients and water to feed their new host plant. This isn’t a one sided relationship as in return the plant gives the fungi carbon and sugars that they can’t process from the soil. Rootgrow™ is completely natural and environmentally friendly. The relationship between plants and mycorrhizal has existed in nature for hundreds of millions of years.

Rootgrow™ is important to use on new plants because nursery or pot grown plants sold in garden centres often don’t have any mycorrhizal fungi on their roots. It will take a couple of years for them to naturallfind iin the soil. Usinrootgrow will givthe plantthese friendlfungi in jusa few weeks!