Early winter is a time for planning, and for making sure your garden is tucked up snugly for its winter rest. Here are your jobs to get on with this month:

General tasks:

  • Clean nest boxes removing old nesting material which can harbour parasites. Give bird baths and feeders a good scrub too.
  • Check bonfires for hibernating hedgehogs, moving established heaps to a new site before setting light to them.

Ornamental garden:

  • Protect delicate plants likely to suffer in frosty weather, like cistus and fuchsia, tucking bracken or straw around their bases.
  • Protect fastigiate (columnar) conifers from snow damage by loosely wrapping them with wire so branches aren’t forced out of shape.
  • Plant tulips in generous drifts, each bulb about 7.5cm apart and 15cm deep, adding a handful of coarse grit to planting holes to help drainage

Kitchen garden:

  • Plant your berry bushes, available now from our garden centre – you can fit them into even the smallest gardens trimmed into cordons and trained against a fence.
  • Plant garlic spacing cloves about 15cm apart and sinking them into the ground so the tips are just below the surface.
  • Net Brussels sprouts and cabbages to keep off hungry pigeons, though check regularly to make sure birds aren’t getting trapped.

Berry Bushes:

Berry bushes are now available. We have an extensive selection for you to consider, be it for jam, pies or just enjoying fresh from your own garden.
Blackberry: Chester, Loch Tay
Blackcurrents: Ben Sarek, Ben Tirran
Blueberry: Spartan Chandler, Elliot, Bluecrop
Boysenberry: Hybrib spp.
Gooseberry: Hinnonmaki Red, Invicta
Loganberry: Thornless L7654
Raspberry: Autumn Bliss, Glen Ample, Glen Clova, Tulameen
Redcurrents: Rovada
Tayberry: Buckingham
Tummelberry: General

Rhubarb is now available with the delicious Timperley Early

Patio Fruit Trees:
Apart from our extensive range of fruits trees available on a variety of rooting stock, such that you are able to obtain the correct height of tree for your garden, we also have some superb Patio Fruit Trees such as Cherry, Damson, Fig and Plum – DELICIOUS!