Sitting out in the garden is what summer should be all about. The UK is known to be unpredictable when it comes to the weather; however we have recently been enjoying some sunny rays peeping through the clouds, so hopefully the bright weather is set to continue. Now is the perfect time to update your outdoor space.


Having a lush green lawn is what many people aspire to have in their gardens, but adding an impressive paving area is equally as important. Being able to place a table and chairs set as well as a BBQ onto a stable paving area creates a perfect place to relax at any time of the day. We have a great choice of kits from `Kelkay` and here are our top 4 paving picks, as well as a discount code below:



Kelkay Abbey Paving Random Patio

This design from Kelkay lives up to its name random, the gorgeous gold colour looks really natural within any garden setting. If you wanted something a bit different it also comes in antique which has various tones running through each stone for an aged look. The pattern is haphazard so it gives off a natural appearance to add character to your garden. Use the suggested pattern or create your own, the choice is yours! Use one kit or multiples for a bigger patio. The square metre coverage is clearly marked so it is easy to plan a patio for your space.


Paving 1


Kelkay Minster Octagon Kit

If you prefer paving to have a set pattern, this octagon design could be the choice for your outdoor space. It is created from reformed concrete so offers a really durable paving area. It consists of a main octagon centre that then ripples out to various other shaped stones, this design looks fantastic and the colour and jagged edges present a more rustic look. As well as this autumn brown shade, it is available in rustic sage.

Paving 2

Kelkay Sunflare Circle Kit

The third option really shows off your personality within the garden, with the bold sun design offering an unusual look that creates a feature all of its own. The mix of the golden sun and rustic grey background works well to add a splash of colour to the floor. This paving kit is easy to put together and you can also purchase a squaring off kit if you want to effortlessly incorporate it into a larger paving design such as the Minster pattern below.

Paving 3

Kelkay Minster Paving Random Patio

Finally the Kelkay Minster pattern also gives off a random appearance similar to the Abbey style; however this one has a different surface texture for a different effect and look. This design looks fantastic in the rustic sage shade and is also available in autumn brown too. It gives a really authentic look to the patio, plus other patterns can be easily added to make it unique.  Use the suggested pattern or create your own, the choice is yours!  Use one kit or multiples for a bigger patio.  The square metre coverage is clearly marked so it is easy to plan a patio for your space.

Paving 4

If one or more of these designs have inspired you to take charge and make some changes to your garden, we will also give an extra helping hand with money off. We are giving customers 5% off all Kelkay products; simply enter code ‘KELKAY5’ at the checkout. You will receive your paving kit direct to your door on a pallet, ready for you to get started!