We love summer bedding plants for

instant colour

The plant of the month for May is the pelargonium, one of Britain’s best loved bedding plants.Commonly known as geraniums, they come in upright, trailing and dwarf varieties so as long as you can supply a sunny spot and a free-draining soil or compost, there’s sure to be one for every spot in the garden.Among the most reliable varieties for the garden include pure white ‘Arctic Star’, ‘Crimson Unique’ with black splashes on its deep red petals, pretty red ‘Gemini’ and scented-leaved ‘Lemon Fancy’. As well as packing your pots and hanging baskets, use them as companions to brighten up evergreens such as dwarf hebes, tuck under roses or take over from spring-flowering perennials. Check availability in-store and look out for great deals on some plants too!If you’re growing in containers, mix a general-purpose slow release fertiliser (we stock a  great range) in with the compost as you plant.Then boost flowering even further with a capful of liquid plant food added to the watering can once a fortnight – liquid seaweed is a good general plant tonic, or for the best flower displays add potassium-rich tomato food.Then all you need to do is deadhead regularly to keep the flowers coming and enjoy a fabulously colourful display all summer long.

Gardening for children

Little hands really enjoy helping around the garden, and this is an easy one for children.Show them how to give the plants a good drink before teasing them carefully from the pot.They can them help you ‘choose’ a spot you’ve already got your eye on,pot it in, top up the soil, water again and you will have one happy little gardener.