Roses are the undisputed holder of the

title ‘Britain’s favourite flower’

and it’s no wonder…….

With thousands of varieties to choose from, and over 150 types of species (wild) roses too, you’re spoilt for choice. Whether your passion is for perfume, petals or performance – there’s sure to be a rose that’s perfect for you.

Clothe your pergolas, walls and fences in climbers such as the pale cream ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’; or for a wilder look in larger gardens let massive, free-flowering ‘Rambling Rector’ scramble into a mature tree for a breathtaking sight in summer.

Fill your borders with beautiful modern roses, combining solid, disease-resistant performance and repeat flowering with gorgeous colours and rich perfumes: crimson ‘Darcey Bussell’, perhaps, or the lovely apricot ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’.

Or for a touch of old-fashioned charm, go for historic roses: romantic moss roses like ‘Madame Hardy’ in pure white, or the ancient Rosa mundi (‘Versicolor’), grown since the 16th century for its striped flowers of red and white.

With such a rich tapestry to choose from it’s no wonder we love these quintessentially English summer flowers: so bring out your inner romantic and fill your garden with roses this summer.

Many of our roses are flowering already, so will add some instant colour to your garden.

See some of the beautiful examples currently in-store now, shown below.


Stunning Roses at Smith's

Stunning Roses at Smith’s

Rows and rows of Roses at Smith's

Rows and rows of Roses at Smith’s

Block colour Roses at Smith's

Block colour Roses at Smith’s

Climbing Roses at Smith's

Climbing Roses at Smith’s