Q4 Plus Fertiliser

Q4 Plus Fertiliser

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The ideal fertiliser to use when planting out

Natural, organic and sustainable, Q4 Plus Fertiliser contains mycorrhizal fungi, helpful bacteria and a range of biostimulants to encourage rapid root growth and early establishment.

A favourite amongst gardeners, it is ideal for planting roses, fruit, trees and shrubs.

Q4 Plus Fertiliser:

  • Can be used as a very effective base dressing in compost
  • Encourages nutrient uptake by plants
  • Organic.

It is the organic nutrients and trace elements within Q4 Plus Fertiliser that help to promote vigorous plant growth, abundant flowering and ripening of fruit.

Easy-to-use, apply Q4 Plus Fertiliser when soil is moist and lightly hoe into the top surface of the soil.  If using in dry conditions ensure it is watered in.

If applying Q4 Plus Fertiliser to containers or bare rooted plants, sprinkle the fertiliser into the bottom of the planting hole and lightly fork in.  Mix the rest with the fill-in soil and firm in the plant.

Q4 Plus Fertiliser can also be used as a top-dressing for vegetables and should be applied twice during the summer months.

For tomatoes and chrysanthemums regularly feed at monthly intervals.

Sizes available:

• 0.9 Kg