Pepper Dust

Pepper Dust

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Deter cats and dogs the traditional way

Cats and dogs can cause considerable damage to flowers and vegetables, especially at the seedling stage.

Pepper Dust is the original, sprinkle-on solution which is a simple and effective way to help protect plants and crops from domestic pets.

The full-strength formulation can be used on drives, paths, patios and around dustbin areas to deter cats and dogs from fouling, as well as around the garden.

Pepper Dust:

  • Can be used on seed beds and around recent plantings
  • Deters cats and dogs from fouling
  • Used on and around all edible crops and ornamental garden plants

Before treatment, thoroughly remove all evidence of previous fouling by hosing down the contaminated area. Applying a weak detergent solution on fouled surfaces will also help break down remaining odours.

Once the area is clean, apply a liberal dusting of Pepper Dust on the plants and surrounding area. Pepper Dust can be used all year round. Repeat twice a week or after rain or high winds.

Sizes available:

• 225g