Path & Patio Liquid Cleaner

Path & Patio Liquid Cleaner

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Powerful liquid cleaner

Path & Patio Cleaner can be used to clean asphalt, stone and concrete. Removing moss, algae and stains, it is ideal for paving, walls and drives.

Just one two litre pack can treat up to 25m2 and help bring out the natural colour of the stone.

Path & Patio Cleaner:

  • Removes unsightly stains
  • Tough on moss, lichen and algae
  • Should be kept out of reach of animals and children.

Perfect for use on hard surfaces, Path & Patio Cleaner should be mixed as one part cleaner and three parts water. Always mix in a plastic watering can or other non-metallic vessel.

For best results, pre-wet surface to be cleaned and apply Path & Patio Cleaner brushing thoroughly. Leave for two minutes to enable the product to work and then rinse away with water.

For stubborn stains, repeat as necessary. Due to the strength of the Path & Patio Cleaner, always test a small area before full application, especially when using on coloured paving to check colourfastness.

Always avoid spillage of concentrate onto grass and other vegetation where possible.

Sizes available:

• 2 litres