Vitax Rose Food 1.25kg


Produces brighter roses and abundant blooms



Vitax Rose Food is a top quality rose fertiliser containing three major plant foods – nitrogen, phosphate and potash.

Together with magnesium and iron, they ensure roses develop healthy green leaves and abundant blooms.

Rose Food can be used for new roses, established and more mature roses or in an established rose bed. If applying to established and more mature roses, Rose Food can be used around the base of the plant in early spring and repeated during the summer.

Established rose beds benefit best when Rose Food is used as a top dressing applied in spring and then again in late May and early July. When planting new roses, Rose Food can be mixed with soil prior to establishment.

Rose Food:

  • Increases flowering and improves growth
  • Forms part of Vitax’s specialist rose range

Store the fertiliser in a dry place, away from children, pets and foodstuffs. Please ensure hands are washed after use.


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