Original Kettle E-5710 Charcoal Grill 57cm


The kettle is based on the original design of 1952, but updated with innovative features such as a deeper ask catcher, taller legs and integrative tool hooks. Making charcoal grilling and going back to basics easy – this 57cm model is perfect for serving up a meal for the family. 

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Product Features:

  • Porcelain-Enabled bowl and lid makes the barbecue weather-proof and easy to clean
  • 57cm triple-plated cooking grate that even holds heavy roasts without warping
  • Built in lid thermometer for easy temperature read
  • Rust-proof aluminium lid vent that ensures proper airflow
  • Two all-weather wheels with new design for improved mobility
  • Tall legs for the perfect working height
  • Weather-proof lid and bowl handles – bowl handle has integrated tool hooks
  • One-touch cleaning system that makes disposal of ash easy
  • Deep ash catcher – for containing ash in one place


With lid closed: 107 x 65 x 67 cm

With lid open: 92 x 65 x 67 xm

10 Year Limited Warranty


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