Plant winter tubs as soon as the summer bedding is cleared. Start planting up your cheery daffodils or tulips in matching colours for a display next spring which will take your breath away. We have a wide selection of bulbs ranging from Allium, Bluebells, Crocus, Fritillaria, Hyacinth, Ornithogalum to Triteleia to name but a few. In addition we have all the tools and associated soils to assist you in achieving a magnificent display.

During winter itself there’s a wide selection of plants which will give you plenty of colour to cheer you up even on the coldest days. Pansies are a perennial favourite and flower in all but the hardest of frosts. Tuck them in round evergreens like Euonymus Blondy or Emerald ‘n Gold, with green and gold leaves, or variegated box clipped into a handsome ball or pyramid.

For something special try the early-flowering snowdrop ‘Galanthus Nivalis Flore Pleno’ teamed with jet-black lilyturf, Opiophogon planiscapens ‘Black dragon’, makes a sophisticated black-and-white combination; or for a shady spot, try the evergreen ferns like Dryopteris Felix-Mas or Affinis Pinderi or strappy-leaved hart’s tongue fern Asplenium scolopendrium, matched with the marbled purple leaves of evergreen Heucheras like ‘Palace Purple’ or ‘Obsidian. For vibrant light green consider Heuchera ‘Electra’.

Grasses are another lovely but low-maintenance winter container plant. The soft, airy textures of bronze-leaved Carex ‘Bronze Form’ and Carex Ornithopoda contrast well with sturdy evergreens like Hebe or winter-flowering Viburnum  or Skimmia. We currently have a wide variety to choose from here at Smiths nurseries.