Here at Smith’s we love April – it gives everyone the chance to start preparing for all the mouthwatering jams, crumbles and pies we can make from healthy and economical homegrown produce further on in the year – because the apple, plum, cherry and pear trees are in!

We also have gooseberry, raspberry, loganberry, rhubarb, and grape plants.

And because it’s time to plan the kitchen garden – there’s a huge selection of herbs and vegetables now in store. 

We have plenty of varieties to select from including berries, currants, rhubarb, figs, grape vines, apples, plums and cherries, plus many more to choose from.

Fruit plants are very versatile and can be planted in any size garden, big or small, you can even grow gooseberries in containers on a balcony! 

Some of our favourite recipes include; Blackberry, Vanilla & Basil Jam, Rhubarb and Ginger Bakewell tart and Gooseberry and Apple crumble, what will you choose to grow and make?