As winter rolls in you may think your efforts in the garden are over, however there is still much to do to prepare your garden for the coldest months.  We have included some helpful advice for getting your garden in shape as our coldest season arrives..

  • Make sure you rake as many leaves as you can off of your garden, it may seem like thankless task, however a layer of dead leaves provides an ideal home for a host of nasties including slugs, snails and fungal diseases.  Why not put your pile of dead leaves to good use and compost them down in to leaf mould?  We sell an excellent Forest Composter, just throw your dead leaves in and let nature do the rest!  Leaf mould may take up to a year to mature fully, however it is a superb eco-friendly soil conditioner.
  • With the weather really turning colder now, don`t get caught out from the effects of water freezing.  Burst pipes and the like are always a headache, so make sure you drain your irrigation systems, water pumps and water features.  The weather may not be consistently freezing cold, but a hard frost can easily catch you out and do the damage.  Make sure all exposed outdoor pipes and taps are lagged.
  • Dig in good quality soil, compost or manure in to your bare beds.  Doing this now will mean the quality of your soil will be far higher when you come to plant again in the Spring.  If you leave it too much longer the ground may become unworkable due to freezing.
  • November is an excellent time of the year to plant evergreens and conifers.  Make sure you plant them with plenty of high quality soil based compost to help them establish over the winter.
  • If you have the space in your shed or garage then store your garden furniture for the winter.  If storage space is an issue then use a good quality furniture cover.  We have an impressive range of Garden Furniture Covers by Alexander Rose in stock.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a dry lawn this month then get your mower out and give your lawn a final trim for winter.
  • The cold weather brings tougher conditions for our beloved garden birds, give them the best chance of surviving the winter by browsing our huge range of Birdcare from Gardman.