Conifers have many advantages

for today’s modern garden….

Nearly a third of garden owners have a conifer in their garden. There are many different types, shapes and colours of conifer for any garden situation. From a small balcony with just enough room for a container, to acres of grounds, conifers can add something truly special to any garden.  Here are a few of the advantages of using conifers;

  • Many have good aesthetic qualities
  • Conifers are low maintenance and evergreen
  • They provide interesting shapes, textures and colours all year round
  • Conifers can add amazing structure and drama to a garden
  • Certain varieties can provide an instant colour or design effect

In October a conifer can offer a way to add something new and interesting to the garden at what is seen as a traditionally quiet time. Being hardy, easy to care for and long-lasting, conifers are the ideal choice for the gardener looking for a low maintenance but high impact plant.

To celebrate the wonder of the conifer, it’s National Conifer Week from 26th September – 3rd October 2015. You’ll find a conifer for every spot in the garden, from tiny dwarf pines for crevices and containers, to giant cedars with magnificently sweeping branches. So whatever your requirement, why not come in and pick a conifer today.

Large bold structural conifers

Conifers are particularly good at providing dense shelter from wind and sun, and make star hedging plants. Traditional yew (Taxus baccata) gives a hedge you can trim to razor-sharp neatness, while Thuja plicata and Golden Tuffet have softer leaves. Bright green Lawsons cypress (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana) is another good alternative to the notorious Leyland cypress. You’ll find a fine selection of hedging plants located at the top of the plants area at Smith’s and if you’re not sure which to choose, just ask our knowledgeable staff, they’ll be happy to help.

Even Leylandii hedges have their plus points, they’re very quick to establish, giving you near-instant results and a handsome, year-round screen. Clipping regularly is the key to keeping them in check: four times a year is standard. If that sounds like hard work, go for a slower-growing golden Leyland cypress like the variety ‘Castlewellan’.

Small but perfectly formed conifers

If it’s small conifers you’re after for a centre piece for a pot, or a neat, low hedge, you could try the Juniper Blue Star. It’s beautiful leaves will match any foliage plant, plus it’s compact, its adaptable, it will never outgrow it’s space and can even be pruned.

Long live the conifer we say!

You’ll find a fine selection of hedging plants located at the top of the plants area and many different shapes and sizes of conifers near the clock tower.  If you’re not sure which to choose, please ask one of  our knowledgeable staff and they’ll be happy to help.


Whether it's architectural or a small conifer, they can add interest to any garden

Whether it’s architectural or a small conifer, they can add interest to any garden


Conifers of all shapes and sizes

Conifers of all shapes, sizes and colour