The weather has finally taken a turn for the better which means you may finally be able to venture outside and get some essential things done, whilst enjoying the sun!  We would like to offer you some hints and tips to make the most out of your garden in May.

  • Although it seems like it has been raining for ever up until a few days ago, its still going to be a tough summer for many, with forecasted dry conditions and hose pipe bans in many regions.  However planning your watering and irrigation for the hot months ahead will mean you are well prepared.  Investing in a water butt is an excellent choice, as you will have reserves of natural rainwater (which is better for your plants) for whenever you need it.
  • It is also perfectly acceptable to use your rainwater from your water butt to pressure wash your patio.  Most well known brands such as `Karcher` have adapters available to link to your waterbutt tap or to suck water straight out the top.  There is also absolutely no reason why you shouldnt use this system to water your garden.  Just stand a sensible distance away from the plants (so not to damage them with the pressure) and spray away!  A watered garden or lawn without the need for watering can shuttle runs, or breaking any hose pipe ban rules!
  • It is still a great time to plant so choose from hardy shrubs, roses, herbs, vegetables and bedding and start digging them in!  Just remember to keep an eye on the weather, although a frost would now be unlikely, it pays to protect your bedding and other vunerables against any adverse weather.
  • Beware of garden invaders!  Slugs are snails are out in force so make sure you protect your plants from these pests.  Stop their advances with pet friendly slug pellets or exterminate slugs below ground with liquid slug killer.  Be particularly wary if you have hostas, tulips or delphiniums as these are all on the menu.