What to do in the garden in September:

Time to rev up again: this is one of the busiest months in the year, so arm yourself with secateurs and a trowl – it’s time to go gardening! Here are a few of the jobs you can be getting on with:

General tasks:
Plant, plant, plant! Early autumn is by far the best time to establish new shrubs, trees and perennials.

Give your lawn some TLC after its hard summer as a football pitch and picnic spot! Rake off thatch, spike to increase drainage and top dress to finish.

Ornamental garden:
Force bulbs in pots for scent and colour in deepest midwinter. Plant hyacinths, narcissi and crocus and keep cool and dark.

Plant biennial wallflowers to flower next spring under the tulips. You’ll find bare-root bundles in our garden centre right now.

Choose your daffodils for next spring’s display, whether dainty dwarf varieties or big showy cutting types.

Kitchen garden:

Tie greasebands round fruit trees so wingless female winter moths can’t climb up to lay their eggs.

Cut back asparagus foliage once it’s turned strawy yellow, then mulch the bed generously with well-rotted manure.

Sow winter lettuce so they’re a good size before winter sets in: a cloche popped over the top protects them from the worst weather.