What to do in the garden when it’s raining

If you dont mind a bit of rain, we’ve put together a list of jobs you can still be getting on with;

1) If you’ve got a greenhouse you could do some potting and it’s an ideal time to get your seeds or bulbs going. We have a fantastic range of seeds and bulbs in-store at the moment.

2) Edging the lawn or borders is much easier when the ground is soft and wet. Just put on a your coat and/or hat and get some fabulous edges, which will look great next time you are able to cut the lawn.

3) Sort out your old pots. Decide on those you want to keep.  Then, give them a clean ready for planting when the weather’s better and bin or recycle any unusable ones.

4) If you’ve got a garage or decent sized shed, then consider servicing your lawn mower and other petrol garden machinery. Keep the doors open so the air can circulate and follow the product instructions and safety guidelines.

5) Clean and tidy your garden shed, garage and/or greenhouse. Who knows what you might come across and you’ll feel very pleased with yourself afterwards.

6) If you don’t fancy any of the above ideas, then why not settle yourself down with some garden books and a nice cup of tea!