Ready made Christmas Wreaths

Starting our 12 days of Smith’s-mas, our countdown to the big day……… at No. 12 we have Christmas Wreaths

If you don’t have time to make your own Christmas Wreath this year, but would like something that looks as if it’s been picked straight from the back garden, you’ll find some beautiful ready made Wreaths in-store now.

Most of our Wreaths are made from Nordmann non-drop trees, so will last until well after Christmas. We have others  made from holly, ivy and laurel and some feature more brightly-coloured decorations such as holly berries, rosehips, fir cones or festive fruit.

Welcome your Guests over the Christmas period and pick up a Wreath today from our log cabin,  just to your right through the new main entrance.

We also have artificial Christmas Wreaths

If you would prefer a Wreath that will last for more than just this festive season, we have some lovely and very realistic artificial wreaths in-store too.

These can be found amongst our Christmas decorations and we have various options available.

Here are a few examples of our Christmas Wreaths in-store now;

Christmas Cabin - Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Cabin – Christmas Wreaths

Real Christmas Wreaths

Real Christmas Wreaths

Nordmann non-drop Wreaths

Nordmann non-drop Wreaths