Many people enjoy having a real Christmas tree inside their home throughout the festive season.  There is nothing quite like the look and smell of a Nordman (non-drop) or Spruce Christmas tree to lift your spirits!  What many people do not realise is that they have to be properly looked after to remain visually stunning right through to the new year.  If you follow the easy advice below, your tree should be healthy and fresh until the end of December.

Please note that Xmas trees vary in quality and shape significantly.  If you are buying a very cheap christmas tree, that is exactly what you will get.  Always buy a `class-one` tree from a reputable retailer (like us!) and you will avoid limp, dry and misshapen trees!

Cut Christmas Trees

  • If not already done by your garden centre, saw 3cm off the bottom of the trunk.  This will allow water to be taken up the tree via capillary action.   This is only done by the bark so it is very important to leave as much bark as possible right down to the bottom of the trunk.  Bare wood will not take up water.
  • As soon as possible after this, stand your tree in plain water, not sand or soil, in a water holding stand.
  • Before decorating your tree make sure your tree is away from direct heat sources (like radiators or open fires)
  • It is very important to keep the water holding stand topped up with water.  Depending on size, Christmas trees may drink 1-4 pints of water every day.  If a trees dries out, the needles will begin to drop.  It is essential to check the water is topped up every day.

We still have Christmas trees in stock (in-store only) so pop on down and pay us a festive visit!