Make the most out of your garden this July with our hints and tips to keep you ahead in the outdoors.

Thanks to unprecedented levels of rain across the country, hose pipe bans have now been lifted by Anglian Water, Southern Water and Thames Water.  However with the possibility of a third dry winter in a row this year, and low ground water resources, we are all being urged to continue to use water wisely.  We still have a great range of quality water butts in stock to purchase in-store or online, click here to shop now.  Several water companies still have bans in place, we would advise that you contact them for the latest updates

  • Roses are a great option for the garden at this time of the year, providing instant and vibrant colour.  Choose a fairly sunny spot and remember to use fresh soil or use Rootgrow to prepare soil that has had roses planted in it before, this will help combat rose sickness.  Plant your rose with a handful of bone meal and fill the remaining hole with topsoil enriched with with manure, or rose, tree and shrub compost.
  • Hose pipe ban or not, remember to water your plants.  With the rain now backing off and the temperature heating up, its all too easy to let your plants go crispy through lack of watering.  If your area still has a ban on then you may have to do some shuttle runs up and down the garden with the watering cans!  Some plants really do not like getting too dry, such as Buxus and most types of bedding, so keep an eye on your soil moisture content and you should be able to keep your garden looking fantastic all summer.
  • If you haven`t already, its high time to wheel your barbecue out for a spring clean before you need to use it for an inpromptu garden party. We have a superb range of BBQ cleaners and the indispensable Weber 12 inch T Brush to scrub Gas Barbecues and Charcoal Barbecues back to their original shine.  Get your bbq ready now and avoid that nasty surprise when you pull your greasy grill out the shed just before your guests arrive!
  • If you have a gravel or loose aggregate drive (or path), its a very good idea to rake over the enitre area (especially well trodden or driven-on sections).  This will go a long way to disturbing and hopefully preventing any weeds that are trying to establish themselves.