The UK seems to have been hit with a heat wave recently making it the perfect time to host garden parties, have BBQ food and enjoy a spot of sunbathing. The weather on this small island is always unpredictable and seasons seem to have gone out of the window, however this recent outburst of sunshine has everyone ready to make the most of a proper summer.


If you are thinking about grilling your own meat and enjoying some well deserved al fresco dining, there is so much more available to help you with your cooking than the simple barbeque itself. Here are 5 different cooking appliances and gadgets that will help you make sure you have lots of fantastic food to offer at your next garden party, plus have fun cooking in a different way:





1. Electric portable barbeque

If you aren’t a fan of standing over boiling hot open flames then an electric alternative could be what you are looking for. It still gives that authentic BBQ taste to the food you cook on it plus it is small and easy to transport so you can set up a barbeque wherever you go.


2. Charcoal pizza oven

 Who doesn’t like pizza? This tasty Italian dish is something that everybody can enjoy, especially if there are kids at the party. This charcoal pizza oven is compact and fits on top of Weber BBQs to create a delicious pizza in just 4 minutes.


 3. Charcoal food smoker

If you love smoked meats and fish then a charcoal food smoker is the perfect way to give it that unique flavour. You can slow cook whole turkeys and other meats to offer your friends and family something a bit out of the ordinary.


4. Burger press

If you don’t like moulding your own burgers into shape or they always end up uneven then a burger press is a great little invention that you will need. They make sure that they are flat and even, creating patties that are easy to cook.


5. Digital talking thermometer

Finally if you are worried about having a barbeque because you don’t want to be the one who has to make sure the meat is properly cooked, invest in a thermometer. This Weber design has different settings to help you cook your meat how you want it, and it is wireless so you can prepare the salad in the kitchen whilst you wait for it to be done.


All of these accessories are from Weber who specialise in creating products to get the ultimate BBQ food. Whilst the sun is here we must all make the most of it and spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors enjoying great food and company!